Emerging from the New York
art world of 1950

Cy Twombly brought a distinctive approach to painting and sculpture that evaded precise affiliation with the predominant movements of the twentieth century, including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism. Inspired by ancient Mediterranean history and geography, Greek and Roman mythology, and epic poetry, Twombly created—sometimes on a grand scale, in multiple-panel works—a sometimes-inscrutable world of iconography, metaphor, and myth.


The writer, art historian and critic, Claire Daigle charts his time since the 1950s.

Chronological notes

A detailed chronological history with photographs of the artist throughout his career.


The following are a selection of articles (including the only two published interviews with the artist) which examine Twombly's oeuvre.

& Monographs

Selected Bibliography. The literature on Cy Twombly is large and ever expanding.


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